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Ergonomic Violin : Intelligent Design Meets String Theory

Industrial design graduate Tricia Ho has been awarded the Gold Australian Design Award – Dyson Student Award respectively at the 2006 Australian Design Awards.Tricia Ho’s “Ergonomic Violin (EV)”, a modern interpretation of the classic violin, was designed with several interchangeable frames that allow a player to customise the violin to suit their style and reduce musculoskeletal disorders in a player’s neck and shoulder region.The judges said the Tricia’s design “represents innovative thinking, complete design principles and distinctive engineering.”Violinist and industrial designer Tricia Ho is drawing plaudits for her ergonomically designed violin that takes the pain out of playing the bowed string instrument.Made from a combination of carbon fibre and a high-tech “shape memory polymer”, Ms Ho designed EV so that it could be literally moulded to suit a player’s personality and physique.The instrument’s rigid carbon fibre body couples to a range of flexible polymer frames.These interchangeable frames include a self-supporting option so that a player doesn’t need to grip the instrument under the chin while playing.

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